Specialising in Aids and Adaptations

Trevor Benton Construction is working with local authorities and home improvement agencies with a view to aiding our communities with an increasingly ageing population.  We understand the problems associated with growing old and have over the past few decades helped them to achieve independent living for a great many folk in our local communities.

Unlike local builders and construction companies, we specialise in the outfitting of assisted bathrooms, adaption’s for homes and external adaption works.  We have many years of experience to offer.  We have all trades in house giving us better control of the works programme and helping us control our costs.  Although we are a private limited company with shareholders, using our expertise, we try to keep costs as low as possible whilst helping our clients achieve their goals, in order that our housing associations and home improvement agencies can find the savings to stretch their budgets, giving assistance to more people than ever.

Quality is always the key, all of our operatives are encouraged to ask the question ‘Would the work I have done be good enough for my own home?’  Invariably the answer is ‘Yes’ and the testimonials we have received from our clients speak for themselves.

Our people are sympathetic to the problems encountered by our clients as the work proceeds, we ensure that temporary services are provided whenever necessary and connected services are always restored before the end of the working day where possible.  We do not leave our clients without the necessary essential services.

The company consists of a small team of friendly managers, who are allotted jobs which they personally oversee, ensuring the complete satisfaction of the end user.  In the unlikely event of an unresolved issue, there is a clear process for our clients to follow that ensures any such issues are addressed immediately and without fuss.